Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catching up

I haven't written for a while, because I've been busy working 12 hour shifts, and getting a day off here and there. My days off have been used for MOVING!!! I just moved into a house and all my stuff is in boxes. every day it gets a little worse having to dig into boxes to get ready for work and throwing everything everywhere in a rush!!

so here's the breakdown: 24 hours in a day, minus 12 hours of work, minus 8 hours of sleep, that leaves 4 hours of amber time. (usually spent commuting) I don't see an end in sight especially with the holidays comming around *ugh* But I will try really hard to keep you all updated on the crazy cab confessions.

over the last couple of months i've had some pretty interesting characters. I picked up this guy at a golf course who needed a ride to the side of the freeway to get his broken down car. when i arrived at the pick-up point there was a very unhappy woman whom i assumed was his wife. when they got in he said she wasn't his wife, but it was ok with his wife for him to have a girlfriend. (YA RIGHT) so we get on the freeway and normally when you break down you try to merge to the right. well this guy's car was on the LEFT SIDE OF THE FREEWAY!!! i drive a toyota van (no balls!) so the guy tries to start his car which ain't happenin considering no mechanic has been there to fix it and his girlfriend is on the phone with her pimp (i think) sayin "he aint got no money, i'm gonna call his wife, I gotta get outta here!" meanwhile i'm on the left side of the highway almost late for an appointed pick-up, and the van is gettin rocked by the speeding cars in the fast lane! when he finally gives up they asked me to take them to the bowling alley which i did. I must say she is the prettiest escort i've ever seen. probably a size 6, half black woman, with bright green eyes that show right through to her soul. here's to you doc!!

the funniest thing about working the weekends is this: if i start at 8:00Pm, around 9:30 we start getting calls from the usual party crowd. the guys all smell good, and the girls look all pretty with their hair done and the shoes and the make-up. they're all happy and excited to get out. around 1:30 we start picking them up from the bars and taking them to their houses. when they get in their all loud and obnoxious, some of them want to puke, and the girls have no idea who these guys are they're making out with! LOL! so they all get dropped off at places other than their homes!! about 6:30 or 7:00 you get calls like this: in a small voice "um, can you come get me? i have no idea where i am" so eventually i find the poor girl sitting on the side of the road freezing her ass off. her hair is a mess, her make-up is smeared, has no idea where she left her purse, and there is this look on her face that only says one thing. "if my daddy only knew where i didn't know i was!!!"

the saturday before haloween, i got to hang out with several of my regular weekend customers and two of my best friends ever! i had the night off and was NOT going to waste it!!




however, all good things must come to an end..... and i was back to work the very next day!

Had to work on the real halloween, but i got to waer my sailor costume :)

TODAY I picked up this young girl who looked very troubled going to the greyhound bus station. she told me she was from kentucky and had come here with another girl who got messed up with heroin and so she ditched her and ended up in our fabulous town! she met this guy who offered to help her out until she could find her way home. she stayed with him in his hotel room for a couple days and all seemed good until this morning. she said she woke up with his penis in her face and he wanted her to suck it. when he was leaving for work he said "tonite you're gonna be my woman and you're gonna make me money the way a woman should" so she called me and had me get her outta there before the bastard came back. poor girl. she's safe now, going home to her mom in kentucky.