Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Perfect Day?

This doesn't feel like work! Monday i started early evening with a call that was 10 min. out of town, which normally would be a real bummer having to leave the area and miss out on several in town calls, but as i was heading to the freeway i got 2 more calls from the same area all coming back this way. i was hoping the night would continue like this and it did. I was dispatching myself, the calls were steady, and i didn't have to ask for back-up. perfect timing all shift long.

at the end of the night (4:30 am) i went to gas up and got to see our friendly graveyard am pm clerk. here's a word or two of advise: if this guy ever asks you to help him with a project for school, say NO! tickle torture anyone? i guess he's supposed to tickle people and write a paper on the results. i don't know how it happened, but what started off as a simple gas purchase turned into my worst nightmare! i haven't been tickled like that since i was a kid! arms flailing about and screaming...(i thought i might pee)... VERY STRANGE..... and childish behavior caught on security camera!...i keep thinking it might end up on you tube or something. that would really suck....lesson learned. although i doubt something like that will ever happen to me again. whew! exhausting.

I guess I can't have a perfect day after all.


bRaT said...

TICKLE TORTURE.... why would anyone want a paper on that?? :)

THE MOM said...

OMG...I think I was the last one to tickle you like that when you were a kid. Still flail your arms and almost pee. I'm so tempted to do it again. You better watch out!