Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My narrow escape from puke

Well i've been gone so long i don't even know where to start........ as you know i moved. i no longer had access to a computer. i was attempting to save money to buy one, but lucky for my fans i got a roomate with a computer! yay!!!

it would be impossible to remember every thing that's happened....... i got a story for you about Karma........but first, let's talk a little bit about taxi driver etiquette when in a small town.

when a customer needs a ride, they call us and give a pick up point and a drop off point. the dibatcher has 3 cabs to work with and he organizes everything so that the customers get a ride in a timely manner, and the drivers aren't driving back and forth waisting gas and time. the disbatcher calls the driver, gives them the customer's phone number and location. we then call the customer and tell them we're on the way and to keep a lookout for the taxi.

a most recent friday night, this drunk guy calls at 1:30am and says he needs a ride from the saloon downtown to a residence in the flower streets. i was sent on the call. i Called the guy and as i picked him up i was informed of some other people who wanted to go to the flower streets as well, we try to acommodate everyone. so i load up my van and start driving east on first st. about half a mile down, the drunk guy says "you're going the wrong way! i need to go to pleasanton!" i was confused for a split second and asked "did you tell my disbatcher that?" "yes i did BUUURP!". ok even though our disbatcher is new, he knows better than to screw me up like this. so i calmly said "sir i'm sorry there's been a sort of mix up, and if you wouldn't mind riding along while i take these other people home i could get you to pleasanton after that." he was furious drunk and felt like he had been wronged. if he wasn't so smashed, he might remember talking to the guy and telling him he was going to Daisy st. BUT NO!!!! drunk people have the shortest memories, and the shortest fuses. this guy got so mad at me that he started cussing at me, and i don't put up with that shit. i could have dropped him off right where we were, but i was feeling nice and i took him back downtown where i found him and where he could maybe find another taxi. he sat on the curb in front of the saloon looking green. i drove away. i pulled in to the blue bar parkinglot right after that 1 block away. i see this other taxi guy who is independent and sometimes we share buisiness with him. nice guy named Bill. i said "hey bill there's this guy over there that needs to go to pleasanton if you're going that way" i was thinking bill could make some money, that drunk asshole could get home, and i can have a clear concience. unfortunately bill was going the opposite way and was happy with the fare he had. as i look in my review mirror, i can see the drunk guy tossing his cookies in the street.. just then MARTINEZ CAB pulls in.... martinez cab is an independent taxi that comes around on the weekends and steals our business. he poses as our affiliate, and mistreats the girls he picks up. THIS GUY IS ON HIS WAY OUT I ASSURE YOU!!! .. this fucker has scabbed so many fares from us that i thought this could be a way to get back at him. so i sent him to get the puker. I said "There's this guy in front of the saloon that wants to go to pleasanton!" i load up my cab once again and start heading to the streets named after famous colleges. BAM 50 bucks right there!!!! multiple fares! disbatch ROCKS!!!

then i get sent back downtown to get some pleasanton calls!! hell ya! friday is good! i contact my customers in the saloon as i pull around the corner, and right in the middle of the crosswalk, blocking a one way street is martinez cab...... and he is not in the driver's seat...what a bozo! never leave your cab when you're in the way like that!! so i call my customer again to ask him if he could walk around the corner to meet me, and he says "your driver is right here in the bar with me. he says you sent him to get me" then martinez get on the customer's phone and says "there are two in here going that way" i was SOOOO PISSED!!!! i said "no! those are my passengers who called ME!!! i wanted you to get that other guy about 15 minutes ago! he probably took off!" instead of causing a scene and acting like a selfish bitch i just took off and called in for the next one. is this guy so stupid that he mis-understood me? or is this Karma telling me that vengance is hers? maybe both. this guy overcharges everybody, and is a pervert. about 5 minutes later i called my customer back and apologized for the mix-up i said "we normally don't do business with that guy, and we would NEVER send him to a good customer of ours." the customer was very understanding, and still ours. the next night i heard from a guy who saw it, that someone beat the shit out of martinez. in his cab with the doors locked, the alarm going off, and about 4 guys pulled him out of his chair and just started poundind on him! DIDN'T EVEN ROB HIM!!!! just beat his ass!! might have something to do with a sexual harassment charge or two. fucking perverts don't belong driving people around! thats what the police background check is for!!!

the guy was able to scab 60 bucks off me, because i tried to get back at him for bieng a jerk.

so when you start thinking about getting back at someone for the things they've done to you, think twice. just let Karma do the job or she'll get you too. and then you're the jerk.


taxitalk said...

Bravo, you are back good stuff, stay safe, and let karma do it's job
I'm going back to school in a month so I might stop driving but ill always read

Melissa said...

Dude... so true. I remember you telling me about this months ago but being the procrastinator I am, I totally lagged in reading your post.