Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Anyone who takes a cab in our town knows about the "town car". No stickers, Kick ass stereo, tinted windows and a smooooooth ride. It always feels like a privelige when i get to drive the town car. I guess around the holidays livermore hires some out of town cops to help them out and they didn't know the car or me.

Well on one saturday night, I picked up some "grown adults" from chili's who little did i know had caused a disturbance. i packed em in. I was the only one belted. A little ways down the road RED AND BLUE LIGHTS!!! pulled my ass OVER!! they thought i was part of the disturbance. After I explained to them I was a "designated driver" and had nothing to do with it, they wrote me a ticket for no seatbelts.... desperate.

On the following wednesday night I got pulled over AGAIN!! This time I was in a marked taxicab......speeding, wich is nothing new to us drivers. nothing new to the police either!! wierd! they usually just let us do our jobs. well the uniformed jack-ass(not his real name LOL!!) wrote me a ticket!! :( I like to fight my tickets, but this is different...i could lose this one and ruin it for others. i guess i'll just pay. Traffic school here I come!!

So for however long it takes to get them off my back, I must only BEND the speed laws not drawing attention to myself. No more town car. Amber is a good girl.

The cops are EVERYWHERE and they're pulling EVERYONE over this season. even one beer will get you a wet and reckless, wich i've heard is just as expensive as a DUI.
drive the speed limit and if you're drinking, call me...i'll get you home a little slower than unual, but home is better than jail. AGREE???


Melissa said...

BASTARD PIGS! *Batting Eyelashes*

taxitalk said...

here in Edmonton we are allowed not to wear seat belts, they can be used to choke you from behind, if there are people getting my car I take off my belt, safety first, Edmonton is rough