Sunday, December 9, 2007

Good hospitality

ahh i love saturday night... i picked up three young guys going downtown. i saw this lady flaging me down. it was cold. i said "what do ya say boys should we give her a ride? it's up to you" they're like "is she cute?" i don't know let's see...we pull up and i could see her adam's apple. a mans voice comes out of her "oh nevermind" sorry boys.

then i picked up this older lady dressed like a movie star. when we ppulled up to a light and she noticed in the car next to us was a very attractive guy about my age, 20 something. she flings her window down and says " you are so cute i want to pinch your cheeks" he was in dis belief and thought she was talking to his girlfriend. no honey its you...i love it when cute guys don't know they're cute.

i have to say hello to one of my readers, so i'll say it by reminding everyone that "chevy out pulls everything" thanks cowboy.

it was almost the end of my shift when i picked up this girl and about 5 guys. she rode shotgun. one of they guys was trying to convince these two chicks to go with them and they declined. he was really cute and they were missin out! i thought i might help him out by saying out loud "oh goodie! all for me!" girls work off of jealousy and challenges. he thought i was hitting on him. common mistake for a young guy. "no i'm tryin to get ya laid hon!" too bad for him it didn't work. perhaps NEXT time he sees her. cruisin down the freeway listening to some good tunes with a full load of drunk boys and this really nice chick who was engaged to one of them, when they invite me in for a hot cup of herbal tea! that sounds really nice!! how often does someone offer that on a cold nite to a cab driver?!? it was the end of my shift so of course i went in and stayed a spell. and they tipped me VERY well. nice kids. thank you!

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bRaT said...

it's so amazing to hear stories about your life... to see the world from a whole new perspective... thank you so much for that... you and taxitalk :)

check out my blog :) you might find yourself on a certain list there :)