Saturday, December 8, 2007


I was sent on a call to the Lucky Buck. a place where they play texas hold-em. Two guys going to pleasanton, the next town over.I don't think they even knew eachother. two different stops. I explained to the men that it was $20 for each fare. they were drunk and thought i was trying to take advantage of them. they said "no you can't charge us double...we're both going to pleasanton" i simply said that is the price. take it or leave it. the men agreed that they would both be dropped off at the same location. that works for me so it's only $20 and i decided to collect up front since these guys were giving me problems and i didn't want to get burned. On the way there they started talking shit to me saying i was gonna rip em off, calling me all sorts of names. I NEARLY PULLED OVER ON THE FREEWAY AND KICKED THEM OUT!!! i wish i had because when we got there one guy got out but the other one stayed in and said "take me to hopyard rd." "ok that'll be $20" he said "i'll give you $10" "no sir that's not the price" he wondered what would happen if he called me right back to start a brand new fare. I said "sorry sir i can't pick up outside of livermore i can call you a pleasanton cab though" with a pity smile. he did not want to wait for another cab and insisted i take him around the corner now. i wasn't going anywhere without $20 in my hands. the man was very argumentative and so i asked him to get out. he refused. i threatened to call the police. he still didn't get out. while on the phone describing the man who wouldn't get out, he reached over and SLAPPED ME!!! i told the girl on the other end, and he slapped me again and bailed!! i followed him in my van until the cops came. i think he spent the nite in the drunk tank........asshole.

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taxitalk said...

amber you are crazy, if a women drove at night in my city she would not last long rock on stay safe, please. I've had homosexual men hit on me and some are aggressive so I kinda know what it is like to be on that end stay safe, he hit you I would sue him for all the money he is worth at least you got him to the cops,